Our loaves 


Not wheat, not white, but somewhere in the middle. Fry it in olive oil, put it under poached pears, blue cheese, and balsamic vinegar, or slide it on either side of your favorite brisket. This bread loves everything!


Ever wanted to eat a 1/4 lb of toasted sesame seeds? Here's a great way! Savory umami flavors from the seeds, and balanced sweetness from the dark northern wheat, this bread is begging for a burger. Or, if you prefer the exotic side try is sliced thin in lieu of sushi rice with salmon sashimi.


Sweet and Earthy, we packed as much buckwheat flavor into this loaf as we possibly could. If you like French Burgundian wines, try this with your next bottle. It also loves orange marmalade, or a little butter seasoned with allspice, cinnamon and sugar.


This corn-and-rye polenta loaf may have some familiar grain balances for bourbon afficionados. Here, we fermented the grains for five days, until they are quite tart before cooking them into a porridge and incorporating them into a much milder dough. Not a sourdough exactly, but this is our most tart loaf, where funky meets fresh. Try it with some bourbon (naturally!), or topped with your favorite Italian sausage.


Less a traditional Nordic-style dense rye, and more a country loaf full of rye texture and flavor, this loaf is going to be your roast beef's new best friend. On the sweeter side, spiced cherry jam is an excellent pairing with this grain.

And the flavors don't stop there! If you've never had a home-made English muffin, try some of ours; we think it will change how you see that humble little biscuit. We are always searching out new flavors for our loaves and sweet baked goods too, so come visit us and see what is fresh out of the lab next!